Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group

Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group


Online OR in person.


Ongoing. Min 8wks commitment for new members.


ONLINE, Australia-Wide: Days and times to be negotiated for each group


$79 / group = $632 for min 8wk commitment. Plus initial assessment appointment required for new members (if not already clients of Liberation Clinic).

$59/wk for Pensioner/ health card holders


Contact us to book an assessment with group facilitator EMMA, to join group/waitlist asap.

Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group

Low cost eating disorder support, to complement your treatment team

Join our no-pressure, friendly and supportive, private outpatient group in Sutherland Shire, Sydney

An ongoing, open group for all genders and diagnoses, for over 16s. There is a maximum of 8 members per group, so that everyone has the opportunity to share and contribute each week. This is your time, to talk about food & body image in a safe, non-judgemental zero-pressure space, with people who get what you're going through!

Who it's for:

This group could be helpful for those in a number of stages of recovery, eg

  • Those who are newly diagnosed, and receiving one-on-one treatment from (at least) a psychologist and/ or dietitian
  • OR, those who are stepping down from a day program/ planning to step down from a day program/ wish to join a group closer to home in the Sutherland Shire/ South Sydney in addition to day program
  • OR, those who are further along in their recovery, and looking for support to maintain the progress they've made.

The ONLINE group may be especially helpful for those in rural Australia with limited access to specialist services. *Please note we can provide 1:1 Videoconference treatment also*

Group format

  • We start with a facilitated group discussion about challenges from previous week.
  • Then we focus on an education topic (see below for examples of topics covered), with discussion about how the topic impacts you/ could be relevant to your recovery, and discussion about your own focus/ goal for following week, if you'd like to set one.

Group members are encouraged to help and support each other to work through challenges and set appropriate intentions/ weekly focus. However, you're free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Guidelines about sharing in a way that's safe for other group members are discussed with all new members on joining, so there's no need to worry about learning new behaviours from other group members 🙂

Read enough & ready to join? Send us an email below to arrange your suitability screening (via clinic or Videoconference)

Otherwise, keep reading!

Topics the group may cover

Since this is an ongoing group, topics do not have to follow any set order, and can be tailored to the needs/ progress/ interests of the group members. General themes of topics discussed include:

  • Body image and acceptance
  • Nutrition theory, planning effectively to meet your needs, eating out. In later stages of recovery, we may discuss building tolerance of feared foods, or building a flexible approach to eating, for example
  • Movement for enjoyment, rather than for weight control, or as an ED behaviour
  • Unhelpful thinking styles, and factors that maintain eating disorders Vs enable recovery
  • Self care and sleep habits


There are a few safety requirements, and these might be different depending on your symptoms and stage of recovery. They might include:

  • Maintain minimum BMI, and consent to sharing of weight data from treatment team if deemed necessary in your initial  assessment. (You won't be weighed at group!)
  • Must remain medically stable while attending group, and give permission for liaison with GP/ treating team to confirm this. No other details need to be discussed, unless you want us to have more background.
  • Must be engaging with ongoing treatment elsewhere, minimum fortnightly appointments. This is for a number of reasons, eg so that we know you're actively working on recovery, and also so we know you've got somewhere private to discuss any issues that come up in group, if necessary.
    • If you're newly diagnosed, you're welcome to discuss setting up private treatment at our clinic, as well as group suitability in your assessment appointment. Please know that there is no obligation to do this, and we are very happy to work with your existing team.
    • For those in later stages of recovery maintenance and NOT needing regular appointments with your healthcare providers, we'll just ask for a quick confirmation from someone on your treatment team (eg your private psychologist).
  • Initial suitability assessment appointment at our clinic/ via Skype required for all new members.
  • Must be able to commit to a minimum of 8 weeks with the group. (Obviously excepting unexpected hospital admissions, or other changes in your level of care).

If you're not sure about your suitability based on the above, you are still encouraged to make an enquiry. We're very happy to chat about how this group might fit in with your stage of recovery and treatment needs!

Program Cost

Each group session is $69.

Pensioner/ health care card holder rate is $50. (Please bring your card to your first visit).

An initial clinic/ videoconference appointment is required to discuss your needs and assess your suitability for the group, plus address any questions you might have about how the group fits into your treatment and goals. Usual rates and rebates apply to this appointment (see FAQs for rates and rebates info).

If the group is suitable for you, and you choose to go ahead, the minimum commitment for 8 weeks is $552. This can either be paid upfront, or via weekly automatic payment plan, however we offer a discounted total for upfront payment of $500 

After your first 8 weeks: Re-enrollments in the group are made on a monthly basis. You can decide to pay your next 4 week's fees upfront ($276, upfront amount $250), or continue on a weekly automatic payment plan.

NOTE 1- The group does not run during school holidays.

NOTE 2- A number of places are available in each program for pensioners/ health care card holders. Please enquire about availability when you contact us about the program.

I want in! How do I join?

Great! Please fill in the contact form below and we'll book you in for a group suitability assessment appointment, to see if the group is right for you.

If you want to ask any questions/ chat directly with Emma before booking, please fill in the contact form below.

Or if you're not sure yet, but want to keep thinking about it, we invite you to join our newsletter below. This is a great way to learn more about us to help you make up your mind!

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