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Phone Consultation Details

If you can’t make it to the Sutherland Shire clinic, or clinic hours don’t suit you, phone consultation packages are now available.

Phone consultations will suit you if:

  • You want to speak about your needs and get personalised advice, but you work long hours/ have young kids who aren’t fans of sitting still for an hour’s consult/ there are no dietitians working near your home.
  • You want a health coach to support and motivate you to achieve your goals. Research shows that the more support you have from a qualified health professional, the better result you get. And, when you get enough support upfront, you’re more likely to keep doing well in years to come.

Phone consultations are designed to deliver the same results as face-to-face consultations, so you can be assured that you’ll still get the same benefits as you would get from sitting in my office- but no need to get out of your trackies!

Fortunately, most health priorities that dietetics can help manage are perfectly safe and effective when we meet over the phone or Skype, rather than in person. However, if you have a serious illness like an eating disorder, heart failure, or kidney failure, for example, you’ll need to have regular visits with a dietitian in person. If unsure, feel free to email me and ask.

You’ll also need to be an Australian resident, and over 18yrs.

Why only packages, no single appointments?

You’ll definitely learn a lot from a single appointment. But for most people, information alone is not what’s been standing in the way of achieving your goals to date! Often, my patients are very hard on themselves, with great expectations of what they should achieve in a short time frame. There also tends to be confusion about what’s actually healthy and what isn’t due to conflicting messages in the media.

Being hard on ourselves is something the multi billion dollar dieting and wellness industry has taught us. Through their teaching, we learn that improving our health means restriction and deprivation. We also learn to think of health improvement as a project with an end date. The diet ends, and we ‘go back to normal life’ (but a little more disillusioned). Real, lasting health improvements do not happen overnight. Despite what the latest celebrity diet books or TV chefs love to claim, you will not be able to permanently lose weight, or be able to reverse type 2 diabetes… or insert other miraculous claims here… by the end of any 10 week programs. Otherwise, these businesses wouldn’t have returning customers, and people wouldn’t bounce from one diet to the next! Instead, steady, progressive improvements are the only way to enjoy lasting health change.

The main benefit that patients get after spending time with me is that they don’t need to turn to others for answers again. I think that’s a pretty huge benefit! In our consultations, you learn how to make decisions about what foods are best for your health priorities. You’ll also learn how to tune back in to the signals that your body gives to tell you when, how much, and what to eat. After years of dieting, most people have lost the ability to tune in to these signals! When we’ve rebuilt your ability to eat normally again (some people call it eating ‘intuitively’), making food choices that are best for you, you’ll be able to shut out the noise from diet culture. It might come from dieting and wellness gurus, thinspo social media posts, well meaning friends and family who are dieting, or even your doctor who wants you to focus on weight loss. But no matter where it comes from, this time it won't send you spiraling back into the diet cycle of food rules, restriction, guilt then over eating. When we're finished working together, you'll be confident, knowing that you’re doing the right things for yourself and your family.

You’ll also learn the skills you need to genuinely respect and want to take the best care of your body. I haven’t done my job adequately if you’re still relying on motivation and not able to keep maintaining your healthy habits without me.

All of this education and skill development takes time, and I want to invest my limited hours into working with people who are truly ready to ditch dieting forever.

I’m ready! So how do phone packages work?

  • Consider whether the current phone consult times could suit you (Mon 10-8, Wed 9-2 and Sat 12-4pm).
  • Choose your package and make your payment via the paypal option below.
  • You’ll then receive a confirmation email with new patient forms to complete online, and the privacy and consent form to review.
  • Reply to your confirmation email with your time preferences & I’ll be in touch with you to find the best day and time.
  • Grab a cup of tea, and I will call you to speak about your goals or progress at the arranged time (initial call approx 45-60mins, review calls approx 20-30mins). It’s good if you can be at your computer during the call, but not necessary. Skype is also available if you’d prefer.
  • Notes about the goals & plan we come up with and any supporting resources you need will be emailed to you, so you don’t have to scribble madly while we’re talking.
  • Details about health fund rebates can be found on the FAQs page

Or, head to the contact page to send Emma an email.

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