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Meet Psychologist, Camila Falconer

Camila Falconer, eating disorder psychologist

Camila Falconer graduated in Psychology with a postgraduate in Health Psychology.  Originally from Brazil, Camila’s main interest is supporting people to reconnect with themselves, find purpose and meaning to live a fulfilling life, and had been focussing on eating disorder treatment since 2015.  

Camila understands that relationship with food is a big deal in most people's lives. Food is necessary for survival, yet this relationship has a deep emotional component to it. The fabric of this relationship intricate, and complicated by so many issues, including weight bias and shame, that it needs to be looked at with self-compassion and care. After much study and learning of the harms of dieting and weight preoccupation, Camila found her grounding in the Health At Every Size approach. In her personal path, Camila works to deconstruct diet culture and thinness cultural expectation on women and children.

Camila is trauma-informed, and can offer a variety of approaches to suit each client, including psycho-dynamic therapy, CBT, ACT, and mindfulness. She can work with children, teens, adults and families. 

In her spare time Camila likes sitting around the fire with her family and friends, in the bush close to a river looking at our beautiful night sky.


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