Welcome to our Newest Client!

Here's what you need to know before your first appointment

Thanks for booking your first appointment at the Liberation Clinic!

This page covers the most common questions that new patients have, but if there's anything else you need to know, you're welcome to phone us on 02 8518 6066.

What We Do

Just a reminder that we're a specialist practice, concentrating on those who need treatment for an eating disorder, OR those who specifically want a non-diet approach to improving their relationship with food and body image (eg, those who have recovered, and would like eating-disorder informed support with a medical condition).

At this time, we're unfortunately not able to accept referrals for non-eating behaviour related issues, eg, managing type 2 diabetes, or general anxiety. This is because there are few specialist services available for disordered eating treatment, and we need to prioritise these clients. If you're not sure whether we're for you, please phone us as soon as possible. We'll have a chat about your needs, and we'll be very happy to refer you to other great friends and colleagues, who also use a non-diet approach, if we're not actually the best fit for you.


Our clinicians work varying days and hours between Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm


The Liberation Clinic is located in Sydney's South, at:

Suite 107,

Level 1, 26/28 Gibbs St

Miranda, NSW, 2228

(see map below/ right):


Parking in the Miranda medical area can be tricky! Please leave an extra 15mins for parking, as we're unable to extend your consultation time if arriving late. 

  • Please note that Gibbs St has 2hr timed parking, which can be quite busy during peak times. 
  • There may be more parking availability on the next street, Karimbla Rd
  • Or, 3hrs free parking is available in Miranda Westfield shopping complex. 

Videoconference Information

If you booked a videoconference appointment, and it's your first time seeing one of our team, you'll receive links to complete your intake forms online in your booking confirmation email. We ask that you please fill in your 'patient info and consent' form before your appointment, making sure you use a touchscreen or the trackpad on your computer to draw your signature.

If you have a referral and/or blood tests from your GP, please also send this paperwork to us asap, either scan/ photo via email, or your GP can fax it directly to us on 02 9184 3304. Thanks in advance!

What to Bring to Your First Visit

  • Your referral letter, including Eating Disorder Management Plan, or Team Care Arrangement (if you have one)
  • A list of your current medications
  • Any copies of blood tests you have
  • Contact details of others on your team, like your psychologist or psychiatrist (if not already on referral)
  • A parent or guardian to sign forms if 16yrs or younger

Medicare Plans

If your GP has referred you under an 'Eating Disorder Management Plan', or a ‘Team Care Arrangement’ for management of a chronic health condition, you will need to ensure that you have seen your GP to arrange this before your first visit, and you’ll need to bring this paperwork with you.

If you’ve previously set up your bank details with Medicare, we can process your claim on the spot, and you only need to pay the gap fee on the day (fee schedule below).

Private Health

If your health insurance ‘extras’ policy covers Dietetics, you can claim your rebate on the spot and just pay the gap.

* Please note that if you have both private health cover and a Medicare Team Care plan, you can’t claim both rebates at the same visit. We’ll help you work out the best way to maximise your rebates.

What to Expect During the Session

Please allow 50mins for your initial assessment, as well as follow up visits. You’re welcome to bring a family member/ partner or support person/ the household cook.

Your first appointment with both dietetics and psychology is an ‘assessment’ appointment, which means it’s mostly about us getting to know you, so that we can start to come up with a plan together, and decide which treatment type/s might suit you best. As a specialist service, we work best as a team, so new clients are recommended to see both a dietitian and psychologist (unless you already see either at another practice- we're very happy to work with external providers who are already on your team!).

When you start psychology treatment, it usually takes a few appointments to get to know you and your needs well, in order to decide the best treatment plan together. We can offer a range of types of therapy or treatment models, eg, cognitive behavioural therapy (or CBT-E, the enhanced version for eating disorder treatment), psycho-dynamic therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and mindfulness based approaches. 

Many of our team across all professions are trained in the same treatment models, particularly Family Based Treatment, and CBT-E. This is great for you, as it means all our clinicians on your team speak the same language, and we can more effectively and efficiently co-ordinate the care we provide to you. 

Your dietetics plan might include things like behavioural counselling, helping you to identify and manage eating disorder urges, building skills to do with eating, like meal planning or appetite awareness, it might include building your knowledge of nutrition theory (although you probably already know more than you'll ever need to live a good life!), or it might include experimenting with some specific ways to structure your eating habits, until you’ve built the necessary new skills to enable more flexibility with eating.

Regardless of where you start, your feedback and progress over the coming weeks and months will determine the path your treatment takes, and our team are continually reassessing how we can best support you.

Some of the specifics we’ll talk about in your first dietetics appointment include:

  • The background of your eating troubles and relationship with food. What specific difficulties are you having? Eg patterns of restriction,  binging, feeling out of control around certain foods, or physical issues like digestive discomfort. We want to hear your story 🙂
  • Your usual eating patterns/ family eating patterns (no need to record any food details before your visit).
  • Where you're at with your disordered eating treatment, other treatment experiences so far and what you liked/ disliked about them, who else might be on your treatment team. What progress you're proud of, and what's most difficult for you right now.
  • What you’re hoping to achieve from nutrition counselling. What would a ‘successful’ outcome feel like to you?
  • Relevant details of your medical history and your family's medical history
  • Results of any recent blood tests (please bring print outs if you have them)
  • Medications you’re currently taking, and any nutritional supplements

Please arrive 10mins early to your first appointment

Our policy is to run to time, so you'll need a few minutes before your appointment time to complete intake forms, if these have not already been completed online.

Please also review our fee structure, and cancellation policy, published on our FAQs page. 

We look forward to meeting you!

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